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Kake2Kale - Kathy - food blogger

Welcome to Kake2Kale!  I’m Kathy.  My love for traveling, photography, and food/wine from around the world inspired me to start this website in 2014. Kake2Kale is mainly about sharing my culinary travel adventures – exploring beautiful destinations, special dining spots, food artisans and wine/spirit makers.  Please join me as I explore unique places and their local charm, food/wine and recipes – from sweet {Kake} to {2} savoury {Kale}!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, nice going! Congratulations. You make a nice team. Cathie is a great photographer and I know Laara can make any food taste and look good. All the best.

  2. Laara, I enjoyed all your oh-so-delicious recipes and Kathy’s mouth-watering photography!
    You brought back memories long forgotten, your recipes is the bridge between the past and the present…Thank you for your warm memory of our lives together. I look forward to your next fantastic recipes…Love, Mom

  3. Dear Laara,
    Miss your creativity, your wonderful recipes & cooking! Just returned from a short trip to Cheju Island in Korea, had a lot of kimchi & preserved radish while I was there, cooking was simple and not treated as work of art….pity. Ate a few organic figs freshly picked from the trees in the back yard of the hotel, would be nice to bake a ginger fig pie with them! Looking forward to your new recipes….

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