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Kake2Kale - Kathy - food blogger

Welcome to Kake2Kale!  I’m Kathy. My love for traveling, photography, blogging and never ending search for amazing and healthy food from around the world lead to the birth of this food blog in 2014. Kake2Kale is mainly about sharing my delicious adventures – exploring beautiful destinations, special dining spots, artisans and their food, with an emphasis on superfoods.  Please join me on this journey to discover and be inspired by unique places, people, cuisine, cooking or simple recipes that are delectable, appealing and healthy – from sweet {Kake} to {2} savoury {Kale}!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, nice going! Congratulations. You make a nice team. Cathie is a great photographer and I know Laara can make any food taste and look good. All the best.

  2. Laara, I enjoyed all your oh-so-delicious recipes and Kathy’s mouth-watering photography!
    You brought back memories long forgotten, your recipes is the bridge between the past and the present…Thank you for your warm memory of our lives together. I look forward to your next fantastic recipes…Love, Mom

  3. Dear Laara,
    Miss your creativity, your wonderful recipes & cooking! Just returned from a short trip to Cheju Island in Korea, had a lot of kimchi & preserved radish while I was there, cooking was simple and not treated as work of art….pity. Ate a few organic figs freshly picked from the trees in the back yard of the hotel, would be nice to bake a ginger fig pie with them! Looking forward to your new recipes….

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