Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

“Travel is like a giant blank canvas, and the painting on the canvas is only limited by one’s imagination.” — Ross Morley

I love to travel, as often and as far as possible!  I think my wanderlust started when I was a kid and our parents took us everywhere in their VW van.  Then, on a whim, I took a geography course during university.  It changed my life and sparked my quest to see and learn more about the world’s places, peoples, arts and cultures.  Over the years, I have had the good fortune to visit some 80+ countries – many repeatedly.

On my travels, I seek out local insider’s experiences and hope to find the authentic (sometimes quirky) sides of a destination. Mostly, as a foodie, I am fascinated with the culinary charm of a place – from discovering restaurants that are hidden gems, browsing farmers’ markets, to visiting food/wine artisans. In the process, I gain a deeper appreciation for the local life and land.  I capture these moments through a passion for travel photography, especially focused on landscapes and food/wine. With this blog, I am happy to share some of the highlights of my culinary travels and tasty travel tidbits.  At times, I’ll include insights of distant places; but, since we’re in one of the best food regions in the world, there will be a range of impressions from in and around my beautiful hometown of Vancouver! I hope you’ll enjoy these stories from my happy culinary adventures.   Travel Far, Explore More!

From The Culinary Trail: