The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Is it too early to talk about chocolate?  Valentine’s Day is a month away, but oh what the heck.  Chocolate never goes out of style, is never passé, and no one will ever says “Chocolate is so yesterday!”

One year when the season of Lent was approaching, I was wondering what I would give up for 40 days.  Christians observe Lent by going through a season of self-denial to make room for the presence of God in our lives, and as a preparation for Easter.  One should give up something that will be missed, something that will hurt a little.  And so I gave up chocolate for 40 days because it had become something I had to have every day.  It did hurt, but it made me aware of how much I thought I needed it.  Was I on my way to becoming a chocolate addict?  This might be overstating it, but I want to live a life where I am free to choose.  And the act of giving up chocolate was a stark slap in the face, that is – I wasn’t free to choose chocolate as it had become something I had to have and not something I “get” to have.  Once Lent was over, that first bite of chocolate tasted divine!

My relationship with chocolate has since become more balanced, and I don’t have to have it everyday.  When I do have it, it should be really good.  So, as I  think about some food related highlights from 2014, I feel that visiting Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France with {Kale} was one of them.  You can read about our visit here.  We had the drinking chocolate and I have been meaning to make a version that was a little less rich, but no less satisfying.  As a result, here is my ultimate hot chocolate!

Hot Chocolate 1 kake2kale

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