Our Favourite Superfoods

More often than we realize, life has a way to bring us back to where we started.  While working together on last week’s first post with the Ginger Kale Cake recipe and photo shoot, we had a flashback to when we were kids making cakes in our toy oven.  Here we are years later, doing the same thing but with adult size food.  Nice!  It is wonderful playing together again and finding a way through this blog to express our passion for great healthy foods, including travels and photography.  But, perhaps more important than food is friendship, that is – sharing this adventure together but also with friends online.

For this week, we thought it would be fun to offer up a list of our favourite superfoods.  Over the years, we have not found a definitive list but there are various lists, ranging from top 10, 25 to 100. Some claim to be the ‘greatest’, ‘ultimate’, ‘best’, ‘celebrity favourites’, ‘everyday’ and so forth. There are even lists of superfoods for pets!   Instead, we were inspired to compile our own Kake2Kale ‘super’ list of fruits, vegetables, proteins, herbs/spices, grains, etc., which we hope will be a good ‘go to’ cheat sheet.  Kake2Kale’s Favourite Superfoods

If your budget allows, then we recommend organic to avoid loading your body with toxins.  Our new Superfoods page includes a reference to a list of fruits and vegetables that are better to buy organic or are cleaner as non-organic.

– {Kake} and {Kale}

Super Fruits