Our Ramen-tic Lunch

I admit it, I have had my love affair with instant noodles, especially when I lived in Hong Kong.  For a period of time it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But my favourite way was to add corn to it while it was cooking, and then break an egg into it at the last minute.  Just before my first bite, I would put a couple of drops of Maggi sauce (it’s like soy sauce but isn’t) into the yolk and then swirl the yolk throughout the noodles.  Mmmm….

{Kale} and I went to an outstanding ramen shop on the outskirts of Vancouver’s Chinatown, called Harvest Community Foods in the Chinatown-Strathcona area.  It is on the same street and several doors down from the Jimi Hendrix Shrine.  Because the food is made with locally sourced ingredients, they charge a little more than average, and the bowls are not the size of a baby wash tub, which I like, because we all need to be conscious of portion control.   I have been there a couple of times and thought {Kale} would like it and she did.  It is a humble place that is part noodle shop, part grocery store.

I was glad to see Hokuto in the kitchen, because he had made my husband and I good bowls of noodles before and so I knew {Kale} would be in for a treat for sure.  He did not disappoint.  {Kale} ordered the Ramen with pork shoulder, candied bacon, egg and radish and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The highlight for both of us was their egg, they soft boil it and then marinate it in a secret sauce.  The yolk is still slightly runny and it has this wonderful deep soy gingery flavor.

Not being a huge fan of udon, I asked to substitute the ramen for the Udon with Sake Kazu Chicken, with watercress and shitake, plus a side of the oh –so-yummy egg.  The ramen was cooked perfectly, still slightly chewy and springy, the broth was savoury without being overly salty.  While devouring our noodles {Kale} and I recalled the old Japanese movie called “Tanpopo” about a couple who were in search of the best ramen in Japan.  It is definitely a must-see for those who are foodies, there is even a few scenes that may be scandalously close to being literally food porn, without crossing the line.

Here are the superfoods in our lunch:

Egg:  Nature’s near perfect food. Contains a wide range of vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, choline, B12, as well as protein, lutein and zea-xanthin.
Radish:  Good source of vitamins A, C and E. Great for digestion
Watercress:  High amount of vitamin C and A. Has strong detoxing properties, good for detoxing heavy metals.
Shitake mushroom:  Rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols they also activate the immune system, have strong anti-tumor properties and prepare white blood cells to be ready to fight off disease.

If you are a Jimi Hendrix fan then check out this link about his Vancouver shrine.

Harvest Community Foods Kake2kale

This is not a recipe per se, but an idea for a Quick Ramen salad.

  • Cook Ramen according to instructions on the package (use the flavor packet if you want the taste).  You can toss in any superfood veggie you like in with the noodles while it is cooking ie. Chopped carrots, beets, squash.  Then drain and chill for about an hour.
  • Once chilled you may add about 2 Tablespoons of *mayonnaise to the noodles and any sort of protein ie. cooked turkey, tuna, shrimp, chickpeas, etc.  you get the idea.  You could also add fresh herbs and more veggies that can be eaten raw ie. celery, bell peppers.

*May also use sesame oil and grapeseed oil and a splash of rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce, instead of mayo.

Eat healthy, live great! – {Kake}

Harvest Community Foods 2 Kake2kale